1. Wear Your Sunscreen:Being roasted, toasted and burnt to a crisp is never cute, not to mention it’s painful. With every over exposure to the sun the risk for serious skin problems, including wrinkles, aged skin and skin cancer, increases. To be safe sunscreen should be worn year round, even when staying out of the sun.

2. Bright Colors And Neons Are In:Nothing makes it feel like summer is in full effect more than busting out the bright colors, whether it’s a swimsuit, nail polish or other beach accessories. This summer bright colors like canary yellow, tangerine and cerulean blue will make a debut all over the trendiest beaches. So pump up the volume on Pharrell’s “Happy” and get ready to take on the beach in color.

3. Don’t Let Sand Ruin Your Beachin’ Good Time:While discovering a bucket full of sand in a suitcase after unpacking from a trip may make one wish they were back on the beach, it can be quite limiting when actually trying to enjoy vacation. Being covered in sand can make hoping back in forth between the beach and boardwalk challenging for any traveler.

4. Being Healthy Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Good Time:Even at the beach making smart choices doesn’t have to ruin the fun. This does not mean one should spend all day working out or not indulging every now and again. It is all about moderation. There are plenty of ways to let loose and not jeopardize all the work it took to get that beautiful beach body.

5. Your Hair Is Beautiful. Treat It That Way:The waves can do a number on one’s hair and it’s important to take the time to take care of it while out in the sun. With simple hair hacks, it is very possible to leave the beach with locks in better shape than before.