Pack these 5 essentials to turn up the heat on your next holiday (and leave your hang-ups at home).

  1. Sexy lingerie

Bring new lingerie; tags still on. If you’re up for some fun, wrap your new pieces in tissue paper and ribbons and let your partner choose a little “present” to open each night!

  1. Massage Oil

Forgo an expensive massage by making an “in-room” spa experience. All you need is your favorite massage oil, tea candles, some soothing music and the do not disturb sign.

  1. Bubbles

Pop some bubbles…into the tub that is! A fragrant and sensual bathtub date is just as sexy as skinny-dipping, only far more PC.

  1. Music

A sexy soundtrack is a must, so make your own playlist of songs to get you in the mood before you leave and don’t forget travel-size speakers.

  1. Camera

Capture all your sexy memories — just remember to separate them from your social media pics!