From New York to Paris, designers embraced a new independent spirit while hair and makeup also offered endless opportunities to establish a fresh visual identity. Here’s to finding your own original beauty voice!



Wet Hair

A Sexy, Fresh-Off-the-Yacht Hairstyle.

Get the Look:

Shampoo hair and towel dry until damp.

Brush hair away from face using a large paddle brush, start from back working up towards the face.

Use your hands to create slight root lift by blow-drying at the roots and lifting the hair with your hands, while creating a twist motion towards the mid lengths of hair, resulting in maximum lift.

Blow-dry hair backwards using large paddle brush, taking horizontal sections up to radial section from ear to ear. Following this, blow-dry all hair backwards away from face with the brush.

After blow-drying, apply gel, working from front hairline back towards the crown with a large toothcomb. Use index finger to create faux profile (grooves) along hair direction.


Color Blocking

Make your cat eye doubly powerful by mixing it with a bold eyelid.

Get the Look:

Sweep eye shadow from lash lines to just below the creases.

Using a thin brush, trace black gel along the upper lash lines; flick the lines upward at the ends to form tiny wings.

Carefully draw on lines with a shimmery pencil above the black ones.

Finish off the look by curling lashes and piling on black mascara to widen eyes.

Emilio Pucci

The Big Bang

This heavy brow-skimming fringe is all-the-rage on runways.

Get the Look:

Prep wet bangs with styling cream and blow-dry with a vent brush.

Make crisscross motions to eliminate your natural part.

Finish by quickly sweeping a flatiron over the hair to lay the ends flat against the forehead.

If bangs begin to separate later in the day, mist a dry shampoo at the roots and massage throughoughly with your fingertips.

Behnaz Sarafpour

Lip Service

A prominent pout is the look on every celebrity lip right now.

Get the Look:

Pick a color that you love.

Exfoliate lips for a smooth application.

Use a liner to ensure that your color stays put for hours (and to ensure a perfectly even outline).

Apply color evenly, and keep your lips the main event by regulating your other makeup to achieve a balanced look.

Go out with confidence!

Nicole Miller (2)

Nail It

From striking blues, deep greens, to embellished manis, shirt nails ruled the runways this season.

Get the Look:

For the perfect manicure, always use a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat.



This staple hair accessory has been elevated, and is no longer reserved for the gym or keeping hair out of the face while washing up before bed.

Get the Look:

Whether hair is worn down, slightly teased, or swept back, the look dominating runways is topped off with a headband.

Apply a volumizing powder to dried hair; adding body and volume from roots to ends.

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