Dr. Kate Jameson, Cosmetic Physician and the Medical Director of Youth Lab, Australia’s premier medical aesthetics clinic, shares the best skin care routine to follow while on vacation to maintain beautiful skin throughout your trip. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pack your entire skin care stash – and you won’t have to spend too many precious moments of your vacation on this skin care regimen either. 


Pre-Takeoff Prep

So, you have booked your dream vacation, everything has been organised and the countdown it on. In the lead up to the trip it is important to focus on preparing your skin to ensure you look your absolute best and to ensure your skin stays in optimal condition during the trip. Long flights, changes in diet, alcohol consumption, jet lag and a change in environment (going from cold to hot and vice versa) can all impact the skin in a negative way.

I always advise those who like cosmetic injections to ensure they have their treatments at least 2 weeks before they go away. Anti-wrinkle injections to smooth fine lines take up to 2 weeks to take effect so schedule in your appointment well before you leave. Dermal fillers may also be on your list and to ensure optimal results (and no bruising or swelling) make sure these are done well in advance also. Dermal fillers and skin boosters have the added bonus to optimising hydration levels in the skin so your skin prior to flying. 

Hydration is the key when travelling. Altitude can impact skin hydration levels so I always advise in a few pre-holiday treatments such as the Hydrafacial just before leaving. A course of Hydrafacials weekly will exfoliate, cleanse, decongest and boost hydration levels in the skin to give it a pre-holiday glow.

The Mid-Flight Refresh

Travelling can be arduous and take its toll on your skin. Aircraft air is drying and the skin can become dehydrated very quickly. With dehydrated skin comes excess oil production to counteract the dryness which can cause breakouts and congestion. 

Take off your makeup either before or just before you board. I swear by a few essential products while I am flying and top of the list is a hydrating mask. Apply a mask midflight if you’re are on a shorter trip and also just before landing when you are flying long haul. My go to is Hydra-Vital Factor K by Mesoestetic. I always take little sample packs with me as I like to travel light.  In addition to a mask, application of a rich moisturiser such as Cosmedix Emulsion will help to eliminate dry skin, reduce the appearance of oil and keep your skin looking fresh.  A moisture spray or primer is also a good idea, I like to spritz Cosmedix Mystic Spray during flights to keep my skin fresh. 

Always drink plenty of water on the flight and limit the alcohol and any salty food. Aim for 1L of water every hour or so and take on my own snacks such as raw nuts, fruit and protein bars.

Arrival Revival

If you have looked after your skin in on your flight and in transit you should be able to slip into vacation mode seamlessly. Now to freshen up and enjoy your holiday.

The best way to adjust to a new time zone and routine is to get out doors for a bit of exercise as soon as possible. A brisk walk, quick session in the hotel gym or a swim in the sea if you are lucky enough to be on a beach holiday. Moving and drinking lots of water as soon as possible will rehydrate the skin, increase blood flow and assist in removing debris and toxin build up from your travels. 

You may feel your eyes are puffy and dry from the travel and the lack of sleep so I swear by a soothing eye cream the night of arrival to revitalise tired eyes. My product of choice is Opticrystal by Cosmedix, a few little dabs of this around the eyes will brighten and tighten even the sleepiest of travelers, pair that with a cool towel over your eyes and an early night with minimal alcohol will you will wake well rested and ready to enjoy your holiday. 

On Holiday Tips

Now for the fun. Holidays are a chance to recharge and refresh. A few little tricks will ensure your skin stays well behaved and glowing on your return.

My number one tip is to always ensure you swear broad spectrum SPF sun protection, no matter where in the world you are. Prevention of sunburn is obviously important (there is nothing worse than the discomfort of being burnt and the telltale tan lines in your holiday photos) but sun protection is even more important if you care about your skin long term (think premature ageing and skin cancer).

Keeping hydrated with 2-3L of water a day and limiting sugary cocktails will also prevent any mid holiday break outs. Over indulgence is expected while on vacation, but remember all of the hidden sugars in your favourite drinks and foods. Limiting alcohol is also important as this will cause more dehydration, always space your drinks and drink water between. 

Less is more with holiday makeup. I love going fresh faced and embracing the holiday glow. Avoid oil based foundations as these will contribute to any congestion.  My favourite foundation whilst away is Perricone Md No Foundation Foundation Serum. This amazing serum is not only flawless on the skin but contains broad spectrum SPF and antioxidants which protect and treat my skin while I am wearing it. 

Continue with a skin care regime if possible. Bring some of your go-to products in travel sized bottles. I love Cosmedix Skin Essentials Packs which provides mini versions of their effective staple products which last about a month. And always remember to cleanse every night before bed. 

Post Vacation Recovery

The holiday is over and it is back to reality. Getting over jetlag and returning to a normal routine is a priority, ease back into using your usual skin care products as soon as possible. 

On arrival home I always like to take a long bath with essential oils (such as lavender) to calm my nervous system and prepare me for sleep. I also detox my diet and increase my intake of fresh fruit and green vegetables, decrease heavy carbs and completely cut out alcohol, you will find your skin will recover quickly and you will feel lighter and more energised.  

Booking an appointment at your skin clinic soon after arriving home is a great idea. A LED treatment plus a hydrating peel will revitalise your skin and repair any damage that may have occurred on your trip. Peels will exfoliate and recondition the skin with minimal downtime, my favourite are antioxidant peels and those containing lactic acid (which is super hydrating). LED light can also help you to readjust to your new time zone and decrease your jet lag. 

Pair your in clinic treatments with a home mask once a week and your skin will soon be at its pre-holiday best (while retaining that special holiday glow). 

Decrease any chance of breakouts, redness, blotchiness and eye bags by being proactive about your skin care when planning your vacation. By following a few simple tips your skin will remain calm and glowing throughout your trip. 


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