We’ve all been there: bad hair days with too much frizz, not enough volume, or that pesky hair that refuses to curl properly. Your hair may not always choose to cooperate on vacation, but Marc Durand, stylist at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills, offers some tips on how to tame those unruly locks, no matter the situation.

Static Hair? Marc recommends running a bit of coconut oil or body lotion through your hair to tame flyaways.

Flat Hair or an Oily Scalp? Begin by spraying dry shampoo on your roots and go over it with a dryer and brush. Blow dry around the face and the top, then slightly tease the roots.

Craving Shiny Hair? Marc says to rinse hair with cold water after shampoo and conditioning. The cold water closes the cuticles and helps hair to appear healthier.

Just a Bad Hair Day? A ponytail always does the trick. To help complete the look, spray dry shampoo on the hairline and on top of your head, and then brush you hair upside down. Use a few rubber bands so the pony remains fuller for the rest of the day. For a low ponytail, Marc says to always leave a bit of height on the top of your head to give it an elegant look.

Split Ends Getting You Down? Even long hair needs a trim every 6 to 8 weeks. Waiting too long causes the ends to dry and split, especially when chemically processed, Marc says.

Curling Iron Conundrum?: For a natural looking curl, don’t go all the way through to the ends when curling your hair, otherwise it can look like ringlets, says Marc. Also, be careful to not lock your hair into the iron – just wrap around the barrel and wait seven to ten seconds before letting go. Anything longer than ten seconds will fry your locks.