Black may be your go-to, but you can bring out your eye color by lining with different shades. Celebrity Makeup Artist A.J. Crimson breaks down the liner to bring out your color and solves the mystery once and for all. “Don’t be tempted to pick your favorite color out, pick the shade that brings out your eye color naturally.” says A.J. Crimson. Crimson finds that most women are stumped with trying to find what works for them and usually go to the standard black. However, colored eyeliner can enhance your eye color. Here is Your Cheat Sheet For Perfect Colored Eyeliner: Brown Eyes: Brown eyed girls can play up their color with richer, more saturated colors like purple, lavender, pink, gold, and copper try Hard Candy Stay In Line Mechanical Eyeliner in Sigali. Blue Eyes: Baby blues look incredible with paired with bronze, orange, or rust like Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner in Sumatra. Green Eyes: Purple makes green eyes stand out try M.A.C. Chromagraphic Pencil in Process Magenta. Hazel Eyes: Green or blue eyeliner like CoverGirl Ink It! in Aquamarine Ink, will bring out your eye color.