If your vacation left you with something more permanent than tan lines, we’ve asked Dr. Ehsan Jadoon MBBS, FACAM, FCPCA from Medaesthetics, one of Australia’s leading Boutique Cosmetic Clinics, what you need to know about tattoo removal.


  1. Which method of tattoo removal is best?

Medical grade Laser Tattoo Removal is currently the best and safest method of removing professional tattoos.


  1. How will I know if my tattoo can be removed by a laser?

Medical grade lasers with Q- Switched mode are considered the gold standard in targeting any skin pigmentation. They are able to tackle all type of tattoos, though certain ink colors respond better than others.


  1. How many treatments will it take?

This depends upon the type, size and location of the tattoo, color of the ink and its density. Usually eight to 15 treatment sessions are needed for most professional tattoos.


  1. What can I expect at each session?

Numbing cream is applied for about 40 minutes before the treatment. Laser tattoo removal can only be legally performed by medical doctors in Western Australia.


  1. Is tattoo removal painful?

Yes. Most people experience moderate to more severe pain without the use of the numbing cream and cool air. However, for most small to medium tattoos, the treatment session is usually no more than two to three minutes long, so it’s over very, very quickly.


  1. Where should I get it done? Should I go to a doctor or certified laser technician for my removal?

Laser tattoo removal should only be done at a registered medical practice where the procedure is either performed or at least supervised by a medical doctor. Different countries have different laws governing the use of medical laser devices. Even in Australia, the laws differ from one state to another.


  1. How do I know I’m going to a trustworthy place?

High- end medical laser platforms are usually only found at cosmetic medical or dermatological clinics. Please do your research and find the clinic where the procedures are performed under the supervision of medical doctors. Businesses offering the cheapest price are usually not medical. Poorly performed treatments using low -grade tattoo machines by non- medical operators can result in serious scarring.


  1. Are the lasers used for tattoo removal all the same? How do I compare?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap Chinese manufactured laser devices being used by non -medical practices in Australia. These devices are not Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved and can cause serious damage and scarring. Our advice would be to make sure the treatment is being carried under the supervision of a doctor at a reputable clinic.


  1. How soon can I start removal after receiving a tattoo?

Once it’s assessed that you have no contradiction for the use of laser on your skin. The treatment can start soon after the initial healing of the skin after the tattoo is done.


  1. Will the tattoo be gone completely?

80 – 95 percent improvement is routinely achieved after 10-12 sessions. More sessions may be required for 99 percent resolution, but it is sometimes impossible to remove the tattoo 100 percent

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Dr. Ehsan Jadoon MBBS, FACAM, FCPCA

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Individual results may vary. This article is for educational purposes only and does not endorse or promote any medical procedures.