Top Five FREE Travel Apps You Need To Know



XE Currency

Why: It didn’t get downloaded more than five million times for no good reason. Unlike many currency conversion apps, it is easy to use and more importantly it applies LIVE currency rates!




Why: If you are a curious food lover, this app is for you! Simply open the app when you arrive at any given place, you will see a list of tips from those who have done the legwork for you. Sit back and enjoy the food!



Pin Drop

Why: Ditch your itinerary and get spontaneous! This fabulous app allows you to drop GPS pins onto a map and browse lists of user-generated recommendations on the hidden gems in the town. 



Wi-Fi Finder

Why: Do we really need to give a reason? Anyone who has received a data roaming bill and nearly had a heart attack, this app is for you. Simply follow directions to your nearest source of wireless internet  suggested by the app, you will sure dodge a laughable bill!




Why: Essentially, this app is your personal assistant on the go. Forward your various confirmation emails for flights/hotels etc. to and it will generate an itinerary covering your entire trip. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. Did we mention that it is free as well?