Bonnie and Neil is the creation of real life partners Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie who bring together their collective backgrounds in floristry, art, textiles, furniture and set design. As one of Australia’s most popular independent textile design studios, they are known for their vibrant ranges of unique screen printed products for the home.  Largely incorporating botanical motifs, bright patterns and occasional nod to Australiana culture, their designs are influenced by their surroundings and a shared love of colour. Their approach to design is rather intuitive, involving a combination of traditional printing methods paired with unique applications they’ve developed over the years.  Every product is produced by hand in their studio in Melbourne using high quality materials. It’s this handmade process that makes each piece unique.

Bonnie and Neil, Garden Black pillow,

Garden Black Pillow

Bonnie and Neil, Xanthe Tile Red, $125,

Xanthe Tile Red, $125

Bonnie and Neil, Diamond Blue Platter, $90,

Diamond Blue Platter, $90


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