Like a warm, tropical breeze, you can feel the sensual magic of Interior Designer Jodi Goldberg’s retreat-like property the moment you arrive. Custom stonework, tree-hung vintage South Pacific lanterns, and Buddha statues welcome you to the serene oasis. The peaceful landscape is lush and full of fragrant tropical blooms, mango trees and banana palms. The furnishings are a beautiful fusion of South Pacific pieces in burnished teak and dark rattan and African textiles (her husband is from Johannesburg). Says Goldberg, “I created a home that embodied the harmony and tranquility of a remote Balinese retreat- a home that would restore us from within and where we would always feel like we were on holiday”.

Think lanterns made of Japanese Kiminos, multiple large French doors, lit soy candles, bamboo furniture, gorgeous white orchids and walls covered with pale honey-colored grass cloth. As a bonus, Jodi shares her passion for personal style in a stunning, mixed- use private boutique (a transformed garage), where she sells handmade jewelry, gorgeous handbags and clothing she sources from artisanal designers around the world. Jodi has a keen eye for styling, with a meticulous, instinctual attention to every detail, “It’s a very intuitive process of figuring out the recipe of what works for each person. I love letting the individual guide me”.

Jodi is married to her creative partner, Johnny Goldberg, better known as Johnny G, the celebrity trainer and former endurance cyclist who invented the worldwide global fitness movement known as Spinning. A creative powerhouse, Johnny’s latest wellness innovation is, In-trinity, an elevated fitness board and training program designed to build strength, balance and flexibility, coordination and agility. Jodi and Johnny have a shared vision, and you can feel the intention, warmth and love as the foundation for their gorgeous home.

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Jodi G’s Design Tips

How to Turn Your Garden Space into a Backyard Retreat

“To me, it’s all about creating sacred spaces to people who want to mediate, restore and read a book. I love to create a design that allows one to meander down a path to some beautiful space that helps their heart open and cultivate presence. A place to “just be”. Whenever I design a home, I always like to design the indoor and outdoor spaces so they integrate and speak to each other. Places for people to take a nap on a hammock, curl up on a daybed, and unique spots to entertain family and friends. I really try to find out how the client wants to live and flourish in that space. The common thread is flow, indoor and outdoor, from room to room, from head to heart.”

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How to Integrate Health and Wellness into Your Home via Design and Intention

“Our homes speak to us, and it’s important that the messages support our growth and development into our best selves. It may be as simple as having some yoga mats beautifully stacked in a basket as a reminder to get on the mat in the morning. Or, having gorgeous smelling flower essence sprays next to your bed at night to invoke a feeling of peace and calm. Alters are beautiful displays to showcase what you hold close to your heart. Candles, pictures of loved ones, gems and stones or small gifts from nature (feathers, succulants, driftwood) will cultivate a stronger connection to your sense of harmony and unity. Our home has a dedicated space we designed to show up to every morning and create a mindful, focused day. This space helps us sets the intention for the day, it brings our nervous system down, opens our heart chakra, and increases our flexibility and power.”


How to Adorn Your Body with Simplicity and Style

 “Every individual has a developed style, try to enhance it and experience with new looks and vibes to push the edge to unleash your best self. Let the style enhance feeling beautiful in your own skin. My favorites are cashmere, exotic purses, amazing cottons and Tahitian pearls. I’ve searched the world for top pearls, and design them in a way that feels natural and organic that you can wear every day. It’s all about what your energy feels and connects to. Let the jewelry you are wearing feel alive to you. I also love to find unique objects that are rare and one of a kind. Less is more and having a great fit and feel is essential. Let everything you choose have a reason and a purpose, not just things that look pretty.”

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Written by Kate Loukes