Meet The Academy Brand.  If it’s not on your radar, you’ve probably admired their shirts, pants and accessories without even knowing.  In a meeting with your creative agency, worn by a guy at the next table in that hip restaurant, or sported by an Aussie celebrity in a TV interview.  Guys of all ages and tastes are delving in to The Academy Brand for trusty everyday outfits and enrolling in its culture for life.

The Academy Brand was founded by ragtrade entrepreneur and Sydneysider Anthony Pitt and first landed in the wardrobes of Australian men in 2007.  Anthony’s view is that the industry’s crammed with ‘labels’ that are popular for now.  He wanted to create a brand, with an experience and ethos that would be around for good.  Depth and soul, as well as great clothes.  

Today the seven-year strong menswear retailer is acclaimed for its Aussie casual-wear with a Californian vintage edge.  The Academy Brand prides itself on delivering quality designs and an inclusive brand experience, encouraging the men previously forgotten by retailers to become followers for life.