We scored a prime vantage point at the chic cosmetic boutique Cos Bar in Santa Barbara, CA as Gwyneth Paltrow presented the first in-person launch of her new organic skincare line, Goop by Juice Beauty.  Always beautiful on-screen, Paltrow looked even more radiant in person, fashionably clad in a sleek coral dress and understated gold jewelry. The event was just what we’d expect from this budding multi-media mogul, who shined bright with glowing skin, an open heart, and an ever-radiant smile.

Poised and well-spoken, Paltrow expressed her excitement and gratitude to meet her customers face to face and gave us some insight into the process and passion behind the creation of an organic skincare line. As she said, the venture demanded “a lot of effort and care”. Gwyneth was generous and gracious with her time. Beautiful appetizers (goop recipe) were passed, sparkling champagne was poured, and gorgeous flowers adorned the store, adding to the overall atmosphere of vitality and beauty.

Paltrow offered further insight by speaking about her intention to create clean, organic products. She spoke of studying the environmental impact that toxins have on the body (and the startling increase in cancer from pesticides) when she was in her twenties. “Essentially, I started to really think about what I was eating and putting in my body when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I started to study the environmental impact of toxins on our body and I got very interested in nontoxic food and organic food”.

Years later, Paltrow faced a similar issue when she was putting a luxurious French body cream on her daughter and began questioning the ingredients of the product. The more research she did, the more disheartened she became. She learned that the beauty industry is completely unregulated and was appalled to hear that there has been minimal legislation to protect what we are putting on our bodies since the 1930s. Paltrow discussed her friends that have had trouble getting pregnant, pointing the proverbial finger at products full of harmful substances that can disrupt how their hormones work.

To our delight, Goop’s line of products are formulated without parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMO, silicones, gluten, artificial dyes or fragrances. In fact, they are carefully formulated with USDA-certified organic ingredients and comply with California Organic Products Act, one of the most rigorous regulations in the world.

“Obviously I’m a vain actress. I was having hard time finding clean products that were really working.”

For this venture, Paltrow partnered with Juice Beauty, an organic beauty company based out of San Rafael, California. Paltrow worked with the lead chemist tirelessly for 13 months on the formulations until she got them just right. “I’m just a little bit of a perfectionist,” said Paltrow.  

“When we started talking about what we wanted to make at Goop first, I really knew I wanted to go into skincare and make a really beautiful, luxe feeling line that was formulated with organic ingredients that really would help with a beautiful, hydrating glow and fine lines and wrinkles and all the things we care about.”

Her hard work and dedication seems to have paid off. Customers were thrilled to sample the line, getting a taste for the high quality and pureness of the product. After the initial presentation, Gwyneth took the time to answer additional questions, pose for pictures, and deliver heartfelt hugs of gratitude.

goop group

RETREAT: What age group do you cater to?

GP “It’s an anti-aging line, but my daughter uses it. So, it’s really for any age. It does really help for fine lines and wrinkles. Obviously my daughter is 12 and she doesn’t really need that aspect of it, but it’s very hydrating and they are very effective. It’s very hard to get a real anti-aging product that’s clean”.


RETREAT: Do you have plans to expand into hair care?

GP “Yes, very much so. Hair is very personal, and we all care a lot about our hair. It’s impossible to find great hair products that really work that are really clean. Even with how obsessed I am with clean beauty and organic food, I still use conventional conditioner because I have dry, damaged hair and it just doesn’t work for me. We know that it’s possible with the technology there is now to create an amazing hair care line that’s organic. We have our work cut out for us. Stay tuned.”


RETREAT: What piece of advice would you give to female entrepreneurs?

GP “I think its such an amazing time to be a woman. We are getting permission to step into these powerful roles.  We are allowed now to be wives and mothers and lovers and businesswomen and intellectuals. We are finally allowed to inhabit all of those things and make a new paradigm. I love seeing women starting new businesses, it’s really scary and it’s really hard. I’ve never worked harder in my entire life. I had a perfectly good day job and I made this weird pivot and started this whole other career. And, it’s so hard and honestly some days I just think I can’t keep going. But, really its professionally the most fulfilled I’ve ever been in my entire life. I think it’s because I’m following my heart and I trust my instincts. I think anyone who is in business you have to really listen to yourself because people are always like “you shouldn’t do that, you’re doing the wrong thing, don’t do 2 things at once, don’t listen to that person” and you just have to get really quiet and really trust yourself. That to me has been the winning formula, and when I haven’t, that’s when I’ve made mistakes.”

Shop the collection at cosbar.com/goop-by-juice-beauty!

Written by Kate Loukes