Cheers to the latest trend in spa treatments. First came the good news that one glass of red wine per day may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and keep the heart doctor away, but did you know that the antioxidants and polyphenols found in wine grapes may help keep the plastic surgeon away as well? Vinotherapy — the latest trend in spa treatments — uses grape mixtures to smooth skin and slow the aging process. Free radicals are generated by light, pollution, smog, smoke and dehydration. They attack and destroy skin cells, causing approximately 80 percent of skin aging. These free radicals are also the culprits responsible for turning apples brown and causing rust. As well as being powerful antioxidants, the polyphenols found in grape seed oil and grape seed extract help to detoxify, exfoliate dead skin cells, enhance blood circulation, cool inflammation, reduce water retention, and soften and repair damaged skin. The skin of the grape also contains another potent polyphenol — resveratrol — that aids in anti-aging by stimulating cell multiplication. When applied topically, these polyphenols are said to seep in through your skin and help turn back the clock. Wine Therapy Facial  The Antioxidant Wine Therapy Facial utilizes the natural benefits of the chardonnay grape, to rejuvenate, reduce lines, boost collagen production and protect the skin from environmental stress and pollution. One hour, $175, at St. Regis’ Spa Gaucin, Monarch Beach. As an addition, for total relaxation, you can unwind and awaken your senses in their Antioxidant Red Wine Bath. 20 minutes, $55, at St. Regis’ Spa Gaucin, visit Wine Barrel Bath Slip into a dream state with a soak in bubbling water enriched with fresh, finely crushed grape extracts from seed, skin, stalk and pulp, providing a mild exfoliating effect. For a relaxing or tonic effect, pair organic essential oils chosen to provide the desired effect. Perfect before or after any of the other wine-inspired body treatments such as the honey and wine wrap or the crushed cabernet scrub. 20 minutes, $70, at Kenwood Inn & Spa, visit Champagne Facial Using the same rare inot oir grape yeast that is also used in the production of hampagne, this scintillating facial stimulates the skin’s own regeneration properties while boosting natural defenses and leaving an effervescent glow. 50 minutes, $115, at South Coast Winery Resort & Spa, visit Chardonnay Vitalité Escape to a state of euphoria by indulging in head-to-toe body bliss with this signature treatment, which includes a vinotherapy body scrub, wrap and massage. Using decadent hardonnay grapes from France, begin with an opulent Pure Cane Sugar and Chardonnay Body Scrub to lightly exfoliate the skin. The body is then wrapped with six layers of steamed towels infused with the uplifting bouquet of chardonnay, grapefruit and pomegranate for an aromatic, scent-sational experience. 1 1/4 hours, $210, at L’Auberge Del Mar, visit CordeValle Signature Grape Seed & Cherry Bark Scrub Combining the powerful antioxidants inherent in grape seed and cherry bark, this exfoliation experience smoothes and nourishes your skin, while awakening your senses. This scrumptious scrub is followed by a grape seed vanilla body butter massage, leaving your skin noticeably softer and more vibrant. Two hours, $280, at The Lodge and Spa at CordeValle, visit The Ethereal Grape Wine Package This indulgent wine-lovers’ spa package includes a grape wine body wrap, wine facial and a grape foot peel, using fruit acids and enzymes designed to gently remove dead skin. Two hours, $195, at Ethereal Cosmo Spa & Salon, visit

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