Weekend getaways are the perfect time to kick back and relax. What’s not so relaxing? Cramming all your favorite items into a bulky suitcase, only to be charged an enormous baggage fee at the airport. If you’d rather spend that baggage fee on a vacation cocktail or two, consider using these tried-and-tested carryon packing hacks. Not only will you have everything you need to be stylish on vacation, but you can step off the plane, saunter past baggage claim, and head to your vacation stat!



DO:  Pack Items with the MOP factor.

When deciding what clothes to bring, think “MOP”: multiple outfit potential. Bringing items that can be styled 2-3 different ways is the key to saving space in your carryon. Now you have room in your bag for the shopping you’ll be doing on vacay.  

DO: Pack items that are wrinkle resistant.

Since nobody likes to wear wrinkled clothes, pack items that are less-prone to folds and creases. Lightweight knits are a great choice, as are items made with lyrca that have some stretch.

DON’T: Roll your clothing.

Roll, don’t fold. Folding clothes creates deep creases and wrinkles in the fabric. Rolling your items is gentler on the fabric, plus saves a lot of space in your carryon.  

DO: Layer, layer, layer.

Want to bring that extra sweater, but don’t have room for it in your carryon? Wear it on the plane. Layering your airport outfit allows you to bring more items that you don’t have to stuff into your suitcase. If you get overheated, you can just take them off and place them underneath your seat.



DON’T: Bring your entire shoe closet.

For a weekend getaway, two pairs of shoes are all you’ll need. Pack one pair of flats for the daytime, and one pair of heels or wedges for nighttime.

DO: Stuff socks and tights into your shoes.

To save space, stuff your socks inside your shoes. Not only will these create more space in your suitcase, but will help shoes maintain their shape.  



DON’T: Bring valuable jewelry with you.

Accessorizing is important, but losing your favorite family heirloom bracelet? Not so great. Instead, bring costume jewelry, scarves, or headbands to give your outfits some flair.



DO: Bring items that have multiple purposes.

Since you can only bring as many 3 oz bottles of liquids you can stuff in a quart-sized ziplock bag, only bring beauty items that serve dual purposes. Hair conditioner doubles as shaving cream, while petroleum jelly serves as moisturizer, makeup remover, and lip balm.

DON’T: Bring items the hotel will have.

Take advantage of the complimentary bath amenities the hotel gives you. This means free shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and more room in your suitcase.

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