Jets by Jessika Allen™ swimwear is created with an understanding of timeless, sophisticated elegance; smooth, sleek swimwear cut with absolute precision. The result is glamorous swimwear in a combination of soft, sensual fabrics and unique, exclusive designs. Stylish, sophisticated and sexy, Jets by Jessika Allen™ swimwear creates an elegant silhouette both in and out of the water.

“The Jets philosophy is a desire to enhance every woman’s natural curves to create the most flattering silhouette; each piece becomes a unique creation, which looks as if it has been designed especially for you” Jessika Allen.

With a great grandfather as a fabric merchant in Hungry and a father who taught himself to sew before beginning work in manufacturing and then retail, Jessika Allen was destined to be in the fashion industry. “I vividly remember walking on the cutting tables pretending to model garments”. Swimwear is one of Jessika’s earliest childhood memories. “My first memory, when I was four years old, was a yellow, gingham check swimsuit complete with pom-poms”, laughs Jessika, “by the time I was eight I had progressed to a rainbow crochet bikini.” Jessika’s early preoccupations with swimwear naturally progressed with a Degree in Fashion Design and Textiles and a post-graduate course in Tailoring at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Jessika has always found inspiration from her love of art, history, books and different cultures. For Jessika, swimwear design is the perfect platform to embrace and enhance a woman’s curves and shapes. Stretch fabrics work best against the skin, they mould and move with the body.