Hottest Hotel Bar

          The winner of Hottest Hotel Bar doesn’t necessarily have to be the crowded, hottest “it” bar of the moment. However, it does need to be chic, cool, and offer that je ne sais quois that other hotel bars are lacking.

  • Vision: Is this bar an extension of the hotel’s décor, or is it a completely different space? How does the design lend sophistication to the bar experience?
  • Atmosphere: This bar isn’t your run of the mill hotel bar. This bar should go above and beyond and the traditional hotel bar, and should feel fun, special, and cool.
  • Outstanding Design: How does the bar design distinguish itself from its hotel compatriot? Is the design new and exciting to attract a young, hip crowd?


Best Pool

          Gone are the days where a pool was a cool amenity to a hotel-now, it’s just a necessity. The winner of Best Pool should have an over-the-top, incredible pool experience, whether it be crazy waterfall bars and waterslides, or ridiculously relaxing pool retreats.

  • Quality: The winning pool should be constructed from only the best, and should not look or smell cheap. No whiffs of chlorine or chipped tile here.
  • Vision: How did the designer push the envelope when it comes to the pool? The winning pool should have unexpected elements that push the envelope of hotel pools worldwide.
  • Atmosphere: While the winning pool should possess dazzling newfangled elements, it should still evoke a sense of excitement and relaxation that comes with a day at the pool.


Best Presidential Suite

          Nothing screams over-the-top elegance like a Presidential Suite. This is your chance to show off your hotel’s most extravagant suite, complete with A-list amenities and one-of-a-kind experiences. It should make us drool with envy.

  • Vision: Is the design stuck in the early 1900’s, or is it classically designed and still relevant? Are there special touches that pay homage to the rich and famous that have slept in this suite?
  • Quality: Every element of the suite should scream expensive, timeless sophistication. Nothing in this suite should be ordinary, run-of-the-mill hotel amenities. We are looking for prestige here.
  • Innovation: How is this Presidential Suite more refreshing and inspired than others? Although there is an element of old world glamour and prestige that often accompanies Presidential Suites, they should have modern upgrades that keep it in the 21st


Best City Hotel

The winner of Best City Hotel offers a luxurious getaway while staying true to the aesthetic of its city.

  • Location: The hotel doesn’t necessarily have to be in the heart of the city to qualify, but it should be located in a trendy part of town near great restaurants, fantastic shopping, and buzzing nightlife.
  • Vision: Who designed the hotel, and what was their inspiration? Did the inspiration translate through innovative and stylish design?
  • Atmosphere: Here’s the thing: people want to stay in a cool hotel surrounded by the buzz of the city, but nobody wants to retreat to a hotel that’s loud, crowded, and reminiscent of the city streets. The hotel atmosphere should complement its city, but be a restful safe haven of luxury.


Best for Families

          Just because it’s a family hotel doesn’t mean it should be void of design or style-in fact, it should be quite the opposite. We’re looking for a family-friendly hotel that not only is innovative in style, but delivers on the fun factor for adults, kids, and the family as a whole.

  • Atmosphere: Does the resort scream over-the-top, unrestful kiddie playground, or boring snoozefest that’s great for adults and awful for the kids? The hotel should exude a sense of excitement and relaxation, where vacation feels like an actual vacation and not a zoo.
  • Innovation: Gone are the charms of a basic waterslide and pool; today’s generation wants more, more, more! The perfect hotel for families should be a seamless blend of family fun, with activities and amenities that appeal to all ages. What new, refreshing ideas does your hotel have that is new and exciting for your guests? And these ideas don’t just extend to the kids; how are mom and dad getting entertained?


Best New Hotel

          While new hotels pop up all the time, the winner of Best New Hotel should possess great design and a killer atmosphere that proves it is going to be a top hotel destination for years to come.

  • Quality: Since it is a new design, quality should not be compromised and everything should be picture perfect.
  • Atmosphere: How does this new hotel feel? It shouldn’t feel stodgy and stiff, but relaxing, refreshing, and inspired.
  • Outstanding Design: How was the designer inspired to create new, refreshing designs? More importantly, how is this hotel’s innovative design going to inspire new hotels for years to come?


Best Décor

          The winner of Best Décor will have paid a great attention to details big and small. We aren’t looking for typical hotel trappings; we are looking for chic interiors that create a distinct and sophistication look.

  • Atmosphere: How does the hotel décor contribute to the overall feel of the hotel? The décor should complement the hotel design and directly color how the hotel feels. It should be chic, yet inviting.
  • Quality: The interiors should possess only the best quality products. The items should make us feel like we’re on a luxurious, special vacation. No detail is too small to go unnoticed.
  • Outstanding Design: The interiors should be beautiful enough to grace the covers of Elle Décor or Veranda. Did the interior designer approach design in a new, refreshing way?


Best Design

          The winner for Best Design should have refreshing and inspired design ideas that contribute to the overall atmosphere of the hotel. The design should be innovative, something no other hotel possesses that creates a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Vision: the winner should have a clear vision that translates through the thoughtful design. The design should be creative, innovative, and envelope-pushing while still evoking a sense of cool and relaxation.
  • Quality: The design should be top quality and a beacon for future hotel designs. How were materials used in a new way that differs from other hotel designs?
  • Atmosphere: How does the design contribute to the overall feel of the hotel? Does the design vision directly inspire the hotel atmosphere?


Best Island Hotel

          The Best Island Hotel winner will be innovative and renowned for its contemporary style and elegance while delivering an authentic island experience. While it doesn’t need to come stocked with mind-blowing amenities or an expensive price tag, it should exude a sense of luxury and maintain the integrity of the island aesthetic. Basically, it’s the ideal island getaway we have all been dreaming of.

  • Outstanding Design: Would this hotel impress peers and critics? Does it look as if it could grace the cover of a magazine?
  • Integrity: Does the hotel pay homage to its island locale while maintaining an air of sophistication, or is it too trendy? The winner should marry both authentic island décor with classic modern luxury.
  • Atmosphere: What kind of atmosphere does the hotel exude? Teeming with adventure? Quiet island retreat? The perfect island hotel should have a fun atmosphere paired with an air of relaxation.

Best Eco Friendly

          In today’s world, going green and reducing the growing carbon footprint is a not only a must, but super chic. The winning hotel should be a leading example of eco friendliness, while not compromising the integrity of its design.

  • Integrity: Do the ecofriendly elements of the hotel blend seamlessly with its original design? The two should seamlessly marry together to create a harmonious experience.
  • Innovative: In what ways is the hotel going green? How are you going above and beyond to ensure that the hotel is ecofriendly? We want to see some new, interesting ecofriendly ideas.
  • Quality: Just because you’re trying to be as green as possible doesn’t mean you should cheapen your standards when it comes to the quality of décor. The winning hotel should employ ecofriendly trappings that are still dreamy and luxurious.