Start planning your new look now with some help from RETREAT’s guide to the season’s biggest hair trends.


Up Top

Step 1 Pull your hair back into a high ponytail as high on your head as you can make it. Make it as slick as possible, capturing all the loose hairs in the elastic.

Step 2 Divide the hair into two parts. Starting at the base of the ponytail, wind each part around the other part, moving in a circular fashion around the base. Keep the wrapping neat by winding always in the same direction and capturing any loose pieces.

Step 3 Wrap the bun around the ponytail holder.

Step 4 Secure the knot with hairpins. Begin from the base of the bun to keep it solidly in place. Then pin in any loose ends that won’t sit in the bun of their own accord.

Step 5 Add hairspray. A formal, neat bun should be sprayed to keep the bun neat and in place for the duration of the wear.

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Side Part

Step 1 Wash your hair and let it air dry for approximately 5 minutes or until hair is damp, but not dripping.

Step 2 Comb or brush your hair into place then, then holding one side down with your fingers, slide the comb through your hair which holding it parallel to your hair’s direction, and comb downwards. This should leave you with a straight parting from which you can brush your hair into shape.

Step 3 Lightly mist with hairspray if needed.

Step 4 Let hair dry.

Step 5 If you want to have a long-term side parting, make sure that your parting is always in about the same place so that this can happen.

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Making Waves

Step 1 Wash and dry hair.

Step 2 Section your hair.

Step 3 Place 1-2 inches (2.5 – 5 cm) of hair in the iron. You can start about 3-4 inches (7.6-10.1 cm) down your hair.

Step 4 Once the hair is in your iron, fold it backward, away from your face, and hold the position for a few seconds.

Step 5 Glide the iron down your hair or just release it and move it down a couple of inches before you fold it forward, in the opposite direction that you folded it the last time until you approach the bottom.

Step 6 Continue this process on your remaining strands of hair.

Step 7 Apply hairspray to your locks. This will help you preserve the beach waves for longer.

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Faux Bob

Step 1 Wash your hair using hair products to produce clean and shiny hair.

Step 2 Blow dry smooth with a round brush.

Step 3 Spray hairspray to keep the straightened hair neat.

Step 4 Pull your hair back behind your ears and divide into loose sections.

Step 5 Roll the first section around a finger. Pin the rolled portion underneath to the lower end of your head with a bobby pin or two.

Step 6 Continue in the same manner all the way around.

Step 7 Spray a lot of hairspray to keep it neatly in place.

Bonus Tip: For a quick fix, pull a shirt or sweater over your head and keep your hair tucked into the neck/collar region. Make sure it is fairly evenly distributed around your neck (as opposed to all on one side). Instead of pulling it out all the way, run your hands (palms in) between your hair and your neck like you are cupping your neck. Then, gently, bring your arms out to the side to delicately and evenly lift hair out of the collar ever so slightly. This will create that tousled, faux bob effect!

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Headbands are an easy way to manage bangs and flyaways and a simple technique to salvage a bad hair day within seconds. Try one of these trends!

Trend 1 Faux Braid Headband: Choose a faux braid headband that is close to your hair color and wrap it further back from your hairline so that it appears more natural.

Trend 2 Woven Headband: This retro-inspired headband is meant to be seen, so try wearing it pulled over simple side-swept bangs.

Trend 3 Black Satin Headband: Keep it fresh with an effortless, tousled updo or flowy locks.

Trend 4 Double Headband: The two strips can help keep your bangs in place and anchor a short haircut or an updo like the French twist.

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