Another month has gone by and summer is quickly fading into fall.  Have you left anything unfinished?  Is there something you wish you would have done, something you’ve left unsaid?  Don’t save for tomorrow, what you can do today.  Do it now.  I dare you.  You might only get one chance.  You definitely only get one life.  Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Do it now.  I dare you.


Aries ( 21 March – 19 April ) – You’ll remain courageous. You will be working out

every possible effort to take your work at higher level. New plans will be formed by

you and will be liked as well. You might go to new places or join new work. Official

trips are also likely. Work load will be less during mid of the month. Your efficiency

and your intellect together will help you do better work. Siblings will be supportive.

Luck will open new doors for you. You may also be invited to join a group and you

will have to decide whether to adventure alone or co-operate with others. Not a

choice to be taken lightly. Favorable Dates : Sep 2, 4, 11, 13, 20 & 22. Favorable

Colors : Red & Blue.


Taurus ( 20 April – 20 May ) – Big improvements happen in relationships. Meditate

about how you might withhold emotion or be passive-aggressive due to old hurts.

Those issues can also be from old partners, parents or even past lives. Opening

your heart attracts prosperity too. Put your energy into learning new skills or picking

up valuable information.You’ll also feel more love from the Universe and know that

you are an amazing, valuable soul. Get out in nature each day to enhance your

moods even further. Rely on potent affirmations to maintain your motivation.

Favorable Dates : Sep 6, 8, 15, 17, 24 & 26. Favorable Colors : Purple & Yellow.


Gemini ( 21 May – 20 June ) – This month will be giving a good boost to your

communication skills. You may wish to keep these communication skills up your

sleeve for anything work related. This period will be making your love life smoother

and easier. There would be abundance of energy and enthusiasm to get things done

and also put yourself first. There would be security, stability, prosperity, creativity and

empowerment. You’ll have blissful meditations and link easily with your intuition.

You might even travel to a place that lights up your soul. FavorableDates : Sep 1, 5,

10, 14, 19 &23. Favorable Colors : Brown& Yellow.


Cancer ( 21 June – 22 July ) – Extra sensitivity and idealism and indeed inspired

creativity is in the air in the first half of the month, but also a likely sense of

hypersensitivity and hyper idealism that brings an escapist sense often and it also

brings empathy added compassion and a desire to redeem the planet in some way.

On the down side deceptions/misunderstandings and smoke and mirrors are in the

air in the second half, which needs great care and vigilance. There will be a great

sense of restlessness, imminent change coming from within and possibly without,

and there is a need to be your own unique person and to take a leap into a new

more authentic future. Favorable Dates : Sep 1, 2, 10, 11, 19 & 20. Favorable

Colors : Blue & Yellow.


Leo ( 23 July – 22 August ) – Be extremely careful in all practical affairs at this time.

You tend to overlook details, forget to consider some aspect of a problem, and make

silly mistakes. Unsolved or puzzling problems and the hidden or behind-the-scenes

aspects of a situation interest you most, and you delve and probe until you discover

the truth. An interest in psychology or other peoples’ secrets comes to the fore. You

will be happiest when you do something creative and daring, which doesn’t involve

trying to cooperate or conform to others’ wishes and needs. You can move forward

with creative projects and express yourself more easily and comfortably. Favorable

Dates : Sep 2, 3, 11, 12, 20& 21. Favorable Colors : Purple & Red.


Virgo ( 23 August – 22 September ) – You are in a mood to relax and enjoy

harmonious surroundings. Your family and friends are a source of particular pleasure

and satisfaction, and you may wish to treat them or pamper them in some way. Your

desire for love and affection, as well as beauty and pleasure, is strong now and you

will act on feelings and creative impulses more readily than usual. Your ability to

concentrate and focus on your work would be very good now. This is a time to attend

to details, take care of practical business, and to make your life more stable and

secure. Favorable Dates : Sep 2, 3, 11, 12, 20& 21. Favorable Colors : Purple &



Libra ( 23 September – 22 October ) – A very creative sense of change and

liberation is in the air. Travel, significant relocation, awakening consciousness and

an ability to suddenly get things and see outside the box and think laterally will bring

a new sense of possibilities and viewpoint and relationships can be inspiring.. You

might also likely be sensing a need to have new people in life and are experiencing

new social input, new interests that are more alternative in nature and there would

also be an awakening to more humanitarian issues and a new uniqueness of outlook

and insight. Trust the change has a purpose. . Favorable Dates : Sep 1, 4, 10, 13,

19, 22 & 28. Favorable Colors : Blue & Orange.


Scorpio ( 23 October – 21 November ) – You will have a sense of somebody or something

blocking the path. Delays are likely and it is a time to reconsider the validity of certain

issues and make decisions as to whether a certain status quo is working, or if it just

needs a little more effort, patience and discipline. You will also be in some way

reminded of issues that are not resolved and which need hard work and honesty to

see through and resolve, domestically or career wise. This period should be used to

rethink things and to review priorities goals and timing in a productive way.

Favorable Dates : Sep 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 23 & 29. Favorable Colors : White &



Sagittarius ( 22 November -21 December ) – Confidence, growth, travel and a feel

good factor is at work. Romance and fertility is also flagged up. Benefit from extra

brainpower and opportunities to grow in wisdom are indicated as well as a move in

the right direction in life. There would be a tendency this month to extravagance and

over confidence and general lack of moderation, so go carefully. Endings of chapters

are in the air and a challenge to generate yourself by accessing your fate and power,

for pursuing the greater good, not just your egowould be there.. Favorable Dates :

Sep 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 26 & 28. FavorableColors : Blue & Yellow.


Capricorn ( 22 December – 19 January ) – Make a decision to eliminate bad health

habits. Prioritize your list in order of importance and take steps toward each item.

You’ll feel more empowered to make work changes too. Rely on potent affirmations

to maintain your motivation. Focus on what’s real, rather than what’s not and keep

your attention on what you had planned, rather than what bad influences are trying to

distract you with. Emotions over this month could see you revealing a secret which is

not yours to tell. Favorable Dates : Sep 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 24 & 30. Favorable Colors

: Red & White.


Aquarius ( 20 January – 18 February ) – You’ll have a more optimistic attitude, prone to

communication and socialization. The mental focus could revolve around family,

extended family, neighbours, or property matters. Your creative juices are flowing

and you are more articulate which may help with beating the drum on something.

Correspondence and discussions may be about a physical space inside/outside, or

points on the map. You may be mulling things over or feeling more emotional or

nostalgic. There may be communications with relations or parents for some of you

and others may be considering a legacy or a tradition of some kind. Favorable

Dates : Sep 2, 6, 11, 15, 20 & 24. Favorable Colors : Red & Green.


Pisces ( 19 February – 20 March ) – This period encourages a more harmonious time

at home and you welcome others into your space or are more the visitor to others.

You will find yourself more in the stream of information exchange and this would be a

good time to float a new concept or body of work. Physical effort may be needed

right in your own back yard or there is more physical demand on you because of

family, neighbourhood or community. Decisiveness, assertiveness or more stamina

may be needed because of any of these possibilities. You may be putting your

energies into something which connects you with tradition, the family or tribal

background. Favorable Dates : Sep 6, 7, 15, 16, 24& 25. Favorable Colors : Blue &


 Written for RETREAT by K.P. Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader & Vastu Consultant.


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