Barney’s New York has released its Spring/Summer 2015 ad campaign titled “Better Than Ever” and it couldn’t be more true.  Bringing together ten iconic supermodels from the last four decades including Stephanie Seymour Brant, Christie Brinkley, Brooke Shields, Elaine Irwin, Pat Cleveland, Veronica Webb, Bethann Hardison, Kristen Owen, Susanne Bartsch and Kiara Kabukuru.  All were brought together in Miami to shot through the lens of legendary photographer Bruce Weber.

‘Never, in a million years, has a 20-year-old model walked into a room and had the same [effect] these women do,’ Barneys creative director Dennis Freedman told the company’s blog, The Window.

And in a statement to the Huffington Post, Bruce Weber explained, “I think of myself as a Broadway baby in a way — growing up, I’d listen to show tunes all the time, singing along to the different parts with my sister,” he said. “The spirit of that music came through as I was photographing for Barneys. I thought of the different times I had I worked with these women — their innocence and flirtation reminded me of that music I had first loved as a kid. So we all ended up making a musical together.”












Posted by Jenny Kleinknecht