Written by Kate Loukes

So you and your friends have been discussing road tripping to the nearest spa for some relaxation and connection? Or maybe you are tempted to go on that Costa Rica Yoga Retreat, but it’s not in the cards at the moment? The benefits of doing retreats are bountiful– your body/mind/spirit are renewed, and when Monday morning comes around, you feel fresh faced and a bit more Zen like as you walk out your door. 

What’s even more fun then making an appointment at your local spa? Creating a retreat at home with your friends. Women need to spend time with each other. It’s how we operate.  When we slow ourselves down enough to be present with each other, we can connect at a deeper level, creating an intimacy that softens our hearts and reminds us of our interconnectedness.  Rise up in this knowledge and plan something special for your friends.  No matter what the size of your living space is, you can create a retreat in your home that will leave your friends feeling restored, connected, and full of vitality. Here’s how:


1) Pick a Theme

Tune into what you want to offer your friends. Spend five minutes jotting down a list of themes. When your list is complete, choose the one that brings you the most happiness. When you are truly lit up about your theme, your friends will feel your energy. You want them to say “yes!” when they get your invite. How do you want your guests to feel when they leave? Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Guided Meditation and Yoga
  • Hike and mini massages
  • Homemade face masks and foot massages
  • Pedicures and Pilates



2) Set a Date

Give yourself and your friends about a month to prepare and plan for your retreat. Once your date is established, send out an Evite. There are many free websites that will be able to generate your invitation with style. Remember that your words and color palette will offer a strong foundation to build anticipation for your guests. Make sure you ask your guests to bring any items they may need depending on your theme; that way you won’t be required to purchase an additional 10 yoga mats!


3) Hire Out

Depending on your personal budget, you may want to ask your friends to pitch in for the retreat. If so, make this clear on the invitation. Most friends are happy to pay for such a great opportunity. You want to make sure that you don’t turn into a stressed -out host who is so focused on everyone else’s state of mind that you forget your own. This is for you too! Hire your favorite yoga teacher to spend an afternoon teaching restorative yoga.  Check with your local foot spa to see if they have mobile units they could bring into your home. Hire a vegan Chef to come and cook for you.


5) Create the space

Beauty and intention will set a solid foundation for your home feeling serene and peaceful. Think of a favorite spa or retreat you have been to in the past, and let that inspire your décor.  First, declutter as much as possible before your guests arrive. You want your home to feel like an oasis from the outside world. Light candles, string some white lights outside, sprinkle vases with flowers around the house. Less is more. Don’t feel the need to decorate like a traditional party, let the intention of the gathering be the main focus. Check out your favorite online streaming platform and look for a “spa playlist”. Soft music and lighting will be your co-hosts in supporting the relaxation of your guests.

6) Offerings

You want your guests to feel nourished and nurtured during their time at your home. Refreshments can be light, but flowing throughout. Set up a water station with garnishes of lavender, lemon and cucumbers. Keep it simple with fresh, local veggies and fruit. You may want to include beautiful delicacies such as raw chocolate or young coconuts with decorative straws. You can use compostable plates and utensils to keep clean up easy, or use beautiful mason jars and bamboo plates to compliment the spa feel.


You Did It!

Prior to your guests’ arrival, take some time to bask in the sweetness of what you created. Breathe deeply and connect in with your intention. Visualize how you want them to feel when they leave your door, and imagine the ripple effect that will continue to expand.  Smile and exhale, you’ve created a beautiful opportunity for your girlfriends to bond and bliss out.