Written by Jenny Kleinknecht

Picture this: You’re in New York looking for an adventure. Maybe you’re just visiting the city for the weekend or looking for a new work out routine.  Maybe you and your friends got a wild hair and need a thrill… or maybe, just maybe you’re going on that first date.

Here’s an idea… Flying Trapeze classes at South Street Seaport in NYC. You think I’m kidding? Have you never seen the episode of Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw is sent to try out the latest workout craze? Trapeze style workouts have since blown up. So needless to say, it’s a great body workout.

I personally think it could be an even better first date. People always ask, what is your ideal first date. My answer is always the same… something crazy and fun and completely unexpected. Do you bond over trying something new? Or do their true colors come out and you realize this person may not be for you?  These situations have a way testing you so it’s sink or swim, baby. Why not find out on the first date if this is a person you can hang with.  If the relationship doesn’t go anywhere, at least you got a solid workout in!

So next time you’re in New York, or on a date or just looking for a thrill, head over to South Street Seaport and try out the flying trapeze. I hate to say it but it’s true… You only live once. Why waste it? YOLO!