5 Savvy tips for packing light on your next holiday

  1. Try to get everything into one carry-on. This will make it easier for you to move around and save you what can be over an hour of waiting at the checked bag area. Chances are, you don’t need more than what can fit into that one carryon if you are not going for longer than a week.


  1. Keep your wardrobe as simple as possible while traveling. This will help you to be more comfortable and keep you from over packing. Often times, you will not end up wearing everything you pack anyway. Plan a wardrobe that gives you the ability to mix and match pieces, so you can pack less and still have a variety of outfits to choose from.


  1. Wear layers when you get on the airplane. Keep in mind that what you are wearing won’t count against your baggage, so layer up. This will help you get more to your destination, especially if you will be traveling somewhere that you may need warmer clothing.


  1. If you are a reader and will want multiple books or magazines, opt for taking a tablet or Kindle to read these items on. It will save you space and make it easier for you to carry your bag.


  1. When packing your carry-on bag, opt for rolling your clothes, which will help to keep them from getting wrinkles and will give you more packing room. Also, opt for small toiletries to save space, including things like hand and body wipes and deodorant wipes.
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