Packing is something nobody likes to do but a necessary evil.  The more organized you are, inevitably the better your vacation or trip is going to be.  Whether you’re an over-packer or an under-packer, the more prepared you are the better (ever heard the saying preparation is key?).  Take the extra time to do it right and we promise, you won’t regret it.

  1.  Pull everything out of your closet.


If you’re like me, then your closet is packed to the gills.  Meaning, I’ve actually forgotten about half of the items buried in the back.  This might seem like it will create more of a problem then actually helping the situation but take everything out of your closet.  Use a pop up rack to make more space for yourself while you edit out and create outfits.

  1.  Protect your accessories.


Individually wrapping your shoes and accessories may seem like a pain but you’ll thank yourself later.  The last thing you want is to damage any of your hard earned pieces.  Pack each shoe in its own duster bag.  If you’re worried about something holding its shape, stuff the insides or toe with tissue paper. As for your jewelry, pack each piece separately to protect from scratching each other.  When flying, keep your jewelry in your purse or in your carry on.  If it’s something you can’t risk losing, take the extra measure to protect it.

  1.  Pack everything on hangers.


Packing your items still on their hangers (try the razor thin kind to save space) will significantly save you packing/unpacking time.  Alternate each side of the suitcase the hanger ends up on and fold the bottoms of the garments in the bag.

  1.  Cover your embellished pieces.


You get these every time you go to the dry cleaner.  Plastic bag covers; start saving them.  Use these when packing to protect anything from getting snagged, ripped or stained.  Watch for anything with sequins, crystals, chains, tulle, knit and even anything white.  A bonus:  The plastic bag will also help keep wrinkles out.

  1.  Build around your hat.


Hats can be tricky to pack and not everyone has the luxury of toting around a hat box.  Start by stuffing the inside with tissue paper to help hold its shape.  Then place your hat in the center of your suitcase before anything else goes in.  Now, build around it; socks, scarves, knits; anything that will keep your hat from getting squished.

  1.  Bonus packing pro tips.


Obviously, if it’s extremely important to you, carry it on.  Lost luggage happens all the time and if you can’t risk it, don’t.  Nothing ruins a vacation like a missing wardrobe.  Pack your heavy items and valuables on the bottom.  If you pack all of your heavy items on top, you’re going to have a tipsy suitcase.  Not a big deal, but annoying all the same, so put them on bottom.  Also, pack your valuables on bottom underneath everything.  If someone is going to break in to your suitcase, chances are they won’t have time to dig through the entire thing; they’ll skim the tops and pockets.  Just think of this as added insurance for protecting your beloved belongings!