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RETREAT asks Lynne Rowlands of Mandurah Anti-Ageing Clinic located in the heart of Mandurah, Western Austraila, for expert advice on the newest in anti-aging and skincare.

What are the best preventative measures for aging skin?

“Good active skin care products – I use Environ as I personally have seen the difference it makes to my skin and my patients love it.  70% of Anti-Ageing can be done at home with good skin care range.”
What is the best way to minimize acne scarring?

“A good acne regime –Deep Cleansing Facials and Environ has fantastic products that really work.  2nd I combine Carboxytherapy and Skin Needling. I get great results.”
What is the best method for maintaining balanced skin?

“The best way to maintain balanced skin – is again the product Environ really works and if you see ladies/men using it you will see that there is truth behind the product as they all have healthy skin. Of course healthy diet, regular sleep, sun avoidance and sun block.  Regular peels and facials also help depending on your age.”

What is your favorite new treatment?

“Factor4.   Factor 4 is also using your blood. We incubate it and we skin needle it on to your surface or inject. It is in its new stages and I am trailing it at the moment but I like what I see so far. And the patients love it as they only have their blood taken once and there is virtually no pain like some other methods.”


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