By Jenny Kleinknecht

A lot can be said for the different variations of street style during fashion week around the globe. From the grunge vibe on the streets in New York City, to the polished sophistication in London. Each new city is better than the last, each having its own claim to fame.

But Tokyo Fashion Week is a sartorialist’s dream. Literally, if you can imagine it, you should wear it. And because it’s Japan where slightly weird, a little off the cuff and nights of neon reign supreme, it’s okay. Don’t plan on showing up on the sidewalks of Fashion Week in Tokyo in your everyday-wear.  Open your eyes and take a look around (I dare you), it’s a maximalist playground.  Normcore does not exist here. It’s go big or go home, because these street wear obsessives don’t mess around.

Here you can mix and match your dominatrix harness with your mandarin jacket. It’s 90’s redux meets classic minimalism… but don’t stop there. Throw on your best bunny eared topper or quite possibly the craziest shoes I have ever seen; and by that I mean the cultish curled guarachero boots (see below).  If there is one thing for certain, there are no limits here.