Jetsetter, influencer & content creator, Macy Mariano shares all of her travel and style tips and tricks. The self-professed wanderer who is obsessed with the world and attaining the passion for creating, Macy’s interests include snoozing under palms trees, basking in continental suns, and photographing the leisure and adventurous life for everyday wishful thinking. For more, follow Macy on Instagram @wanderwithmacy


YOUR MOST LOVED VACATION DESTINATION? – My most loved destination is Staniel Cay Exumas Bahamas. Can never get enough of that water!



FAVOURITE ISLAND or BEACH HOTELS? – Absolutely loved Mykonos, Greece! Can’t wait to go back this summer. For a beach hotel I would recommend Four Seasons Nevis and The Cove in Eleuthera Bahamas.



ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? – My bucket list is too big! But my top places would be Finland, Maldives, Bora Bora, Sicily, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Scotland, New Zealand, & Hawaii!


TOP SPA? — The coolest spas I have been to so far is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The warm water in the lagoon is filled with silica, so it’s amazing for your skin! Plus seeing the sunrise from there is a plus.



YOUR VACATION STYLE? – Light and bright! Love long flowy dresses and denim shorts! For accessories: gold everything. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts so it can glow in the sun!

HOW DO YOU GET READY FOR A BEACH HOLIDAY?  — BIKINIS!! I stock up on all my favorite brands of bikinis and set forth into the adventure! For a beach holiday, that’s all you need right?!


HOW DO YOU STAY IN SHAPE ON A HOLIDAY? — If there is a gym, I do cardio on the treadmill on an incline then ab workouts. I TRY to eat well, but for some reason that never happens haha, after all, it is a holiday!


WHAT DO YOU PACK TO EXERCISE ON A VACATION? — I like to bring resistance bands in my suitcase that way I can do exercises anywhere.


3 PACKING ESSENTIALS? — Three packing essentials: portable charger, lip balm, curling wand!


YOUR PACKING ADVICE? — I like to roll all my clothes in my suitcase. Jeans, shorts, tees, pjs, etc… all rolled up and placed where it best fits. Travel organizers can help too. Little mesh bags that can hold smaller things to keep organized.


SKIN CARE TIPS WHEN TRAVELING? — I love under-eye masks! I like to use them on the plane while flying and also when I land! Of course, always try to keep hydrated!


WHAT IS YOUR AIRPORT STYLE? — Simply cozy. Sweat pants and hoodies are my go to! Even if it’s a short flight J When I travel comfortable, I travel happy.

DO YOU HAVE ANY BEAUTY TIPS FOR FLYING? — I don’t really put make up on while flying, as I like my skin to breathe, especially for longer flights.


WHAT SWIMWEAR TREND IS A MUST THIS SEASON? — I think one pieces with a waist tie are really popular! Also animal prints are great with swim!

WHAT ACTIVEWEAR TREND IS A MUST TO PACK THIS SEASON? — Activewear with pockets I think are becoming a thing! Plus who wouldn’t like that!?



Photography by @aliemariep