White sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and gorgeous beach bunnies are the things our beach dreams are made of. But tan lines? Not so much. If you’re looking to spice up your beach experience and nix those tan lines in the, ahem, bum, these nude beaches are sure to satisfy your desire for sun and skin.


Italy-Spiaggia di Guvano

Spiaggia di Guvano, Italy

                While it may take a little effort to reach the beach (i.e. a very dark tunnel), the trip is worth the trek. Located in the infamously beautiful Cinque Terre region, the nude beach at Spiaggia di Guvano is a local secret. Small, isolated, and peppered with gorgeous Italians, this nude beach is the best place to disrobe and enjoy la vita bella.

Greece Red Beach


Red Beach, Greece

                If you’re seeing red, that’s definitely a good thing if you’re in Crete, Greece. This private stretch of rust-colored beach is easily reached via kayak or boat, so prepare to arrive in style. While this beach is famous for its color, it’s also famous for its friendly atmosphere. So head to the beachside bar, grab a drink, and prepare to make some new friends!

Canada Hanlan's Point

Bellevue Beach, Denmark

                If relaxing in the nude is not style, prepare to party with the beautiful Danish beachgoers at Bellevue Beach. During the summer months, the beach is bursting with music, dancing, and partying. If going the full monty is not in your comfort zone, there is a topless-only portion of the beach, where you can still join in all the fun!

Australia Maslin Beach

Maslin Beach, Australia

                If you love beach sports, Maslin Beach is the nude beach of your dreams. Located in Adelaide, Australia, this famous beach has been home to Australia’s “Nude Olympics” since 1983. If secluded sunning is more your speed, a large cliff shields beachgoers from pesky sightseers. Whether you’re playing sports or just spectating, the crystal blue waters and golden beaches are gold-medal good.

St Tropez Plage de Tahiti

Plage de Tahiti, St. Tropez

                Infamous for introducing topless sunbathing in the ‘60s, St. Tropez offers up some of the world’s best beaches. But if you want to sun in the nude like a celebrity, head to the Plage de Tahiti. A long stretch of beach littered with glamorous cafes and restaurants, the Plage de Tahiti is where celebs like to go when they feel like taking it all off.

Brazil Praia do Pinho

Praia de Pinho, Brazil

                Beautiful beaches and beautiful people are aplenty in Brazil, but where do locals go to perfect their perfect, tan-line free glow? Praia de Pinho is the nude beach of choice, where Brazilians can lay out during the day, then retire to a beachfront cabin at night. However, this beach does come with some rules. Clothing is not an option here, and, if you’re male, you must be accompanied be a female companion. The more, the merrier!

Hawaii Little Beach

Little Beach, Hawaii

                Good things come in small packages, and Maui’s infamous Little Beach is no exception. A clothing-optional beach, the great swells and tourist-free atmosphere attracts nude surf enthusiasts from all over the globe. While the soft, sandy beaches are perfect for cavorting around sans clothes, leave the famous sea cliff hiking for those with shoes.

Canary Islands Maspalomas Beach

Maspalomas Beach, Canary Islands

                Looks can be deceiving, as Maspalomas Beach resembles the vast Sahara Desert more than an atypical beach. However, the soft, tan sand dunes contrast beautifully against the bright azure waters, creating a veritable feast for your eyes. And the beachgoers aren’t too shabby, either. For a truly unique nude beach experience, Maspalomas Beach is perfection.

Canada Hanlan's Point

Hanlan’s Point, Canada

                Just a short ferry ride across Lake Ontario, Hanlan’s Point is an isolated nudity oasis just outside of Toronto. With no restaurants or services in sight, Hanlan’s Point is perfect for a picnic and uninterrupted tranquility. So disrobe, sit your bum down, and enjoy the city skyline and lakeshore views as you soak up some serious rays.

France Cape D'Agde

Cape d’Agde, France

                You’ll have to pay a small fee to enter into the nudist village of Cap d’Agde, but their nude beach is so worth it. It’s required to be au natural in Cape d’Agde, but the naturalist fun does not just stay on the beach. Enjoy some futbol and beer in the local bars in the nude, or seek out the great amenities the resorts have to offer. If you want to ring in the new year in your birthday suit, partake in the cape’s annual “last swim,” a “polar bear” plunge in the frigid winter ocean.


Written by Rachael Kuhl