For all of you hopeful jetsetters, we’ve rounded up an ever-growing selection of Europe’s chic boutique hotel.

Paris, France

Le Pavillon de la Reine

Part of an elegant 17-century building, Le Pavillon de la Reine is tucked away from the galleries and shops of the Place des Vosges, once the center of high society in Paris. The name of the hotel pays tribute to Queen Anne of Austria, who once stayed in one of its wings.

Prague, Czech Republic

Golden Well

Perfectly situated below the walls of Prague Castle, Golden Well is a perfect embodiment of the area’s rich history, while offering modern amenities and a coveted restaurant that make every visit comfortable and special.

Athens, Greece

New Hotel

A whimsical, contemporary design makes guests of New Hotel feel they are residing within a major art installation. The rooftop lounge serves food, drinks and panoramic views of Athens with a unique library of more than 2,000 art book titles.

Barcelona, Spain

Ohla Eixample

A brand new boutique hotel that artfully captures Spain’s past and future, Ohla Eixample features some incredible details, such as a ceramic façade with more than 1,000 pieces carved by a robotic interpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

London, England

The Hari Hotel

Located in the heart of a quintessentially British neighborhood, The Hari offers the perfect combination of history and fun. Its incredible penthouse features a large marble fireplace, four step-out balconies and plush velvet upholstery.

Verona, Italy

Villa Cordevigo Wine Relais

After spending time in both Milan and Venice, the next stop is a historical villa in the countryside, situated smack dab between the two cities. Villa Cordevigo Wine Relais was once the home of noble families, and has been restored to become one of Italy’s most magical hotels.

Lisbon, Portugal

Valverde Hotel

Once the home of a wealthy Portuguese family, Valverde Hotel’s 25 guest rooms are thoughtfully decorated with a blend of vintage and modern furnishings that bring a unique charm.

Frankfurt, Germany

Villa Kennedy

Renamed in 1963 to honor a visit by President John F. Kennedy, the villa sits conveniently near plenty of things to see and do, while offering a welcome escape from busy city streets. An alfresco dinner in the hotel’s Villa Garden is a must during the summer months.