Napoleon Perdis offers 5 chic and easy beauty tips to take you from the sand to the bar with minimal effort.


The Two Big B’s: beaches and bars. No tropical holiday is complete without them and really, who has time to glam up for the bar after a wonderful day at the beach (or pool)? We went straight to the best to get simple beauty tips that are easy to throw together while you’re en route to the bar but elegant enough that no one will guess you spent the day in the wind, sand and sun.


1.Remember, “Not to Prime is a Crime!” Finesse your foundation with the Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer. This restorative makeup base keeps skin happy and hydrated while allowing your foundation a smoother landing.

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2. Brows frame the eyes and the face, helping to emphasize your natural structure for a more polished and sculpted look. To make your brows look tidy quickly, comb your brows in place to identify gaps, then either fill these gaps with a brow pencil or simply add a little structure by shading through the arch and along the lower edge of the brow. For a natural finish, always comb back through the brows with a brow comb after defining, you’ll take the edge off the definition for a less drawn-in look.

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3. Choose a foundation with a creamy finish like Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation and apply to the feature focus area of the face (triangle of features – eyes, nose & chin) to prevent a mask-like application. Then blend out to nothing on the forehead and cheeks.

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4. Peach is my favorite blush color because it flatters all skin tones – for deeper complexions try an orange based blush. Peach adds life and warmth without emphasizing redness or looking too doll-like. Texture and finish is personal preference, however there’s two general rules, powder wears well on oily skin and cream will enhance and smooth drier skin types. Try using Mosaic Powder in Flushing for a matte finish or for a creamy texture and DeVine Goddess Lipstick in Harmonia.

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5. One of the most simple and effective ways to emphasize your eye shape is to line your water-line with an eye pencil or gel liner. Keep definition within the lashes (and not outside them) to draw attention to your eyes without feeling like a raccoon. If you still need more strength, keep your definition to the outer corners of the eyes, tapering your application to nothing as it reaches the center of the eye and fuse!! Unblended definition will not look modern and will make your eyes look beady and small!

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